Win a Copy of the new Children’s Book – Michael Recycle –

New Children’s Book with an Eco Friendly Message


Great message with beautiful illustrations …your little one will not get tired of this earth friendly tale! We are giving away a copy.
How to Enter:
1. Leave a comment below gets you one entry OR
2. Sign up for our newsletter gets you one entry OR
3. Link to GreatGreenBaby.com from your blog or website and email me and tell me about it gets you one entry.

You can increase your chances of winning by entering in as many of the three ways above. Winners will be chosen by a random drawing. Contest ends on April 20th at 8:00pm EST.

$10.87 at Amazon

We Have a Winner: Thanks for the great response, Meg W. from Anderson, SC has won a copy of “Michael Recycle”.

*The fine print: If you enter the contest by signing up for the newsletter, you can unsubscribe anytime you like…just stay signed up through the end of the contests and I pick a winner. If you enter the contest by linking to GreatGreenBaby.com, links from Splogs won’t count. You must have a way for me to contact you on your site so that I can get in touch if you win.

50 Responses to “Win a Copy of the new Children’s Book – Michael Recycle –”

  1. Stephanie
    April 14th, 2008 23:27

    This looks like a great book.

  2. Children's book lover
    April 15th, 2008 08:18

    The cover looks amazing, put me in the running for a copy.

  3. Robin
    April 15th, 2008 11:30

    This is great. I LOVE the site.

  4. Kyra
    April 15th, 2008 11:31

    Great book! Would love to win!

  5. Andrea W.
    April 15th, 2008 11:34

    What a great book, thanks for the chance to win.

  6. Danielle
    April 15th, 2008 11:50

    Cute book!


  7. Bree
    April 15th, 2008 12:17

    What a great book! I’d love to win!

  8. Stephanie V
    April 15th, 2008 12:21

    fingers crossed!

  9. Ann
    April 15th, 2008 12:35

    Well, my kids are learning a lot this week with it being “earth week”, this book would be the icing on the cake. Thanks for the great give away!

  10. marybeth
    April 15th, 2008 12:36

    this looks like a great book!

  11. Lindsie
    April 15th, 2008 12:42

    My daughter would love this book!

  12. Julie Mead
    April 15th, 2008 13:23

    We just started teaching our 4 yr old about recycling so this would be perfect!

  13. Mary @ Adventures in Mommyland
    April 15th, 2008 14:16

    I subscribed to your feed. Great giveaway, thanks!

  14. jennifer bowen
    April 15th, 2008 14:30

    wow what a nice book i would love to read it thanks

  15. Mama Zen
    April 15th, 2008 14:39

    My daughter has gotten very interested in recycling, so she would love this!

  16. LauraJ
    April 15th, 2008 14:49

    My 2 year old loves to recycle (she even understands that the paper and other recycling go in different places) and she loves books so this would be perfect!

  17. anne s.
    April 15th, 2008 14:49

    would love to win this one
    annjsav (at) gmail (dot) com

  18. Patti
    April 15th, 2008 15:01

    Sounds like a great read for kids! Thanks!

  19. Cindi
    April 15th, 2008 15:10

    Greetings, I adore children’s books as much as my children do! This book is really cute and what a message to send out to everyone. The illustrations are fabulous. Please enter me in your drawing.
    Thanks very much…..Cindi

  20. Stacy
    April 15th, 2008 15:30

    Saw this book on another site and thought it was such a cute idea. Any way to encourage my liitle guy to care about his planet I love.

  21. Mika
    April 15th, 2008 15:33

    Sounds like a book I would love to read to my son!

  22. Noreen
    April 15th, 2008 16:00

    my girl would love this book

  23. Michelle T
    April 15th, 2008 18:02

    Great book. Thanks

  24. Kristie
    April 15th, 2008 19:13

    Looks like a great book!

  25. Tara R
    April 15th, 2008 19:33

    looks like a great book!

  26. Jean
    April 15th, 2008 19:48


  27. artsweet
    April 15th, 2008 19:56

    This would be lots of fun to read together!

  28. Becca
    April 15th, 2008 20:22

    Looks like a great way to help teach our daughter the green principles that my husband and I are trying to institute in our lyfestyle.

  29. Jen (yup, another one)
    April 15th, 2008 21:26

    Our 2 year old loves to help us “recycle”. I’d love to have this book for her!

    additionproblems [at] gmail [dot] com

  30. Ginny
    April 16th, 2008 08:50

    This looks like a great book, it can be hard getting kids to understand the concept. The book should really help 🙂

  31. Shannon
    April 16th, 2008 09:03

    I love these earth education books!
    I also signed up for your newsletter.

  32. Meg
    April 16th, 2008 09:27

    Sounds like a great book! Count us in. ( meg.wilson@gmail.com )

  33. Piseco
    April 16th, 2008 09:47

    Looks good! Thanks for the contest.

  34. Heather
    April 16th, 2008 11:47

    I would love to read this book with my children.

  35. Ellie
    April 16th, 2008 12:28

    What a great book!

  36. kelli
    April 16th, 2008 17:37

    We’d love to read this book!

  37. Martha W
    April 16th, 2008 18:59

    All our children’s children will be so much better at preserving our beautiful world than we were because of books like this.
    Martha W

  38. Christie
    April 17th, 2008 07:01

    Great book and love your site!

  39. Heather D.
    April 17th, 2008 09:39

    I love this book–been eyeing it for a while.

    Also love your site. Thanks!

  40. Lisa P
    April 18th, 2008 03:19

    We are just starting to talk about recycling alot, so this would be great to have.

  41. monica hawes
    April 18th, 2008 12:54

    looks like a great book!

  42. Stephanie Yost
    April 18th, 2008 14:00

    Awesome! Thanks for having this as a giveaway item.

  43. Michele
    April 18th, 2008 14:42

    Fun book – thanks!

  44. Jen
    April 18th, 2008 16:58

    I would LOVE to read this to my kiddos!!

  45. Ron Miller
    April 19th, 2008 12:50

    one entry, wish I had time to do 2 and 3, but looks like just one!

  46. Danielle S
    April 19th, 2008 22:54

    My son would love this! He is my little “green” guy!

  47. Scarlett
    April 20th, 2008 13:16

    I’m confused- did this already end? As far as I can tell, the deadline hasn’t passed yet, but you seem to have already drawn.

  48. Kate
    April 10th, 2009 18:06

    Hey I Abosulutely ADORE this book!!! Its a really great book for children! Thanks for the giveaway!

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