Recycled Baby Blankets – Recycled Cashmere

Made by artist, Moonching Wu from Sun Moon Lake Goods, these eco-friendly quilts reuse and recycle cashmere sweaters. (who wants a sweater with a hole in it? but who wouldn’t love one of these quilts!). Beautiful color and pattern combinations available.
Wee Baby : 30×30 inches $300
Baby: 35×47 inches $350
Baby: 40×50 inches $400
A few pieces are available in the Sun Moon Lake Etsy Shop or custom orders at Sun Moon Lake Goods

One Response to “Recycled Baby Blankets – Recycled Cashmere”

  1. Amy
    May 14th, 2008 14:46

    I work at a cashmere wholesaler. We have lots of cashmere sweaters (old samples for the showroom) that we want to recycle. Do you accept donations? Or do you know of anyone else i could contact that recycles cashmere?

    Please contact me at:
    ahing@verticaldesigninc.com or at

    My name is Amy.

    Thank You.

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