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Adjustable fruit bowl made out of hemp and cotton

July 22nd, 2017

I love bowls. I can never have enough of them. Especially with kids when I need to throw in fruit, bread, snacks, or even toys, I appreciate a cute and functional bowl that I won’t be embarrassed placing on top of my dining table…and calling it “interior decoration”. This one is a nice deep navy color that matches almost any color palette, made entirely from hemp and cotton. Shape it, fold it, or roll its edges to modify its size for whatever you put in it. It will sit in your living room fashionably and sustainably. Apparently, hemp has some wonderful characteristics. It has 8x the tensile strength and 4x the durability of other natural fibers. It is mildew resistant and anti-microbial. Who knew?

You can buy it here: BambuAdjust-A-Bowl Hemp Denim Bowl, Blue


DEET free tick repellent made of essential oils

July 20th, 2017

Tick season is among us. And my kid goes into the woods daily. So the best we can do is at the end of the day, do a thorough check for deer ticks. On cooler days we dress him in long-sleeved shirts and pants, but on a hot steamy day like it’s been recently…T-shirts. So again, the best thing to do is to do a body check before bed. And those nasty ticks can be anywhere!
Although studies have claimed that small amounts of DEET is okay for toddlers (and quite necessary for repelling ticks), I still hesitate to put DEET material on my kid’s skin. This is because he may lick his arm. So I wanted to find a bug repellent that works for ticks, but something that with minimal contact to the kid’s mouth, I won’t freak out over. This one is comprises of 100% natural essential oils and is completely DEET-free, guaranteed. Ingredients include: Soybean oil, peppermint oil, sweet marjoram oil, lavender oil, lemongrass oil, rose geranium oil, Texas cedar oil, Himalayan cedar oil, inert ingredients (front label), water, acacia gum. All looks pretty natural to me, so I don’t have to hesitate using it for my kid and myself.

Offered on Amazon: TICK BAN – YAYA Organics Tick Repellent, Bug Repellent, DEET-FREE, 100% Natural, Organic Ingredients (4 oz) PROTECT YOUR FAMILY with this EFFECTIVE Tick Spray


Cute Mom and Baby Grooming Set made of bamboo

July 16th, 2017

Eco-friendly bamboo and beautifully designed brushes in natural materials make this a lovely baby shower gift for the eco-conscious new mom. Sturdy bamboo handles on all the brushes are comfortable to hold and the non-synthetic fibers are softer on baby and mom.  This probably not something that a new mom would buy herself, but is a nicely pampering gift to spoil her with, perhaps combined with a sumptuous natural bath soap or bubbles.
You can get it here:  Natural Bamboo Wooden Brush and Comb Set for Baby and Toddler Cradle Cap – Perfect Baby Registry Gift




Goodnight Moon

June 10th, 2017

The classic children’s tale loved by Moms, Dads, kids everywhere. I love the details of the items drawn in the room. My kid can look at each page for a long long time and notice something new each time. It also has a very slow, tranquil vibe so that when you read both you and your child will become more and more and more sleepy….

Kids Preferred Keepsake Board Book – Goodnight Moon – Safe and Asthma Friendly


Stylish Stainless Steel Baby Bottle

June 4th, 2017

This is by far the most popular among my mom friends. Stainless steel is a great eco-friendly choice for baby bottles. A safe alternative to plastics, aluminum or glass— it is free of all the BPAs, PVCs and phthalates that are so bad for baby’s health. The Pura Infant Bottle features a food grade stainless steel bottle (18/8), medical grade silicone components, and zero plastic parts! You can rest assured that you are using the safest and most eco-progressive bottle on the market. And if your kid is like mine, he/she will also love it because it looks like it’s for big kids 🙂

You can buy it here: Pura Kiki 11 Oz / 325 Ml Stainless Steel Infant Bottle With Silicone Nipple & Sleeve (Plastic Free, Nontoxic Certified, BPA Free) (Blue)


All Natural Wood Book

June 1st, 2017

Are you an aunt or an uncle looking for a safe, yet unique baby present? Here it is! This baby book is made from all natural wood. The sturdy wood pages are sanded and sealed to prevent splinters for those who like to chew when they read. The certified natural wood is also saliva and chip resistant, making it last for years. This book contains eight brightly colored picture pages, important for your baby’s cognitive development. Heck, even mom and dad might want to buy this cool gift.
You can get it here: Selecta Bilderbuch Farm Wooden Book



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