Organic Toy Storage

Your baby’s life is precious, every minute, so why not surround them with products that are good for them.  Not only do they need all-natural food, safe toys and organic fabrics, they need environmentally friendly places to store those toys.  This toy shelf is made from all-natural wood and covered in organic cotton cloth to make shelves.  The sturdy shelves hold toys, but are soft enough to fall in to without injury. Stands 40″ tall and 14 1/2″ wide.  perfect for toddler and baby toys. Available in orange.

 Buy your Organic Toy Storage shelf from Oompa Toysfor $159.99.

2 Responses to “Organic Toy Storage”

  1. Tonka Toys
    May 31st, 2009 05:11

    Great post as usual, long time lurker here, first comment! Thanks for the great blog.

  2. Summer Toys
    May 31st, 2009 23:46

    Can you provide more information on this?

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