Organic Peach Rabbit from Kaloo

organic stuffed easter bunny toy
New from Kaloo’s eco-friendly organic line of toys. Thes cute bunny is made from 100% organically grown cotton and packaged in boxes made from recycled paper. Designed in France and Made in China.
$49.99 at Oompa Toys

2 Responses to “Organic Peach Rabbit from Kaloo”

  1. Cyg
    March 6th, 2008 19:01

    This isn’t actually true-the outer fabric is organic, but the filler isn’t, so it’s not really 100% organic. It’s a little misleading but a lot of stuffed toy makers seem to do this.

  2. Jessica
    June 27th, 2008 00:01

    This eco friendly organic line from Kaloo is just amazing! The stuffed animals are so adorable and seems to be so soft! They even have some gorgeous baby sleeping bags

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