Organic Cotton Sacred Heart Onesie

Just in case you want to start early with giving the kid reasons to seek therapy in adulthood. Dress him/her in a onesie with a sacred heart on the front and a flock of Virgin of Guadalupes and praying hands all over the back. (Organic cotton and sweatshop free!)
$32.00 at fun folks over at Baby Wit

One Response to “Organic Cotton Sacred Heart Onesie”

  1. Peaceful Disorder
    September 20th, 2008 15:01

    At first my reason for searching out organic cotton was medical.

    At only a few weeks old my son developed severe eczema and his pediatrician suggested organic cotton as an alternative to the harsh steroidal creams they wanted to put him on.

    The search for organic clothing was not easy, and just plain expensive, but I knew his baby skin could not take the harsh chemicals used in regular textiles. The more research I did, the more I knew our entire family needed to make a change, for us and the planet.

    That was when I founded a company that supplies eco friendly clothing, and since it is a family adventure, the prices are very reasonable. ($12-$30) You will probably see the same products in your local boutique for twice as much, I know I did. But best of all, after about 6 months of wearing organic, our baby has no sign of eczema.

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