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Magnifying Glass for Bugs

I desperately want my kid to love bugs. Love bugs, the soil, the grass, trees, leaves, everything that has to do with nature. I want him to be comfortable with it all. And now as he is starting to take interest in ants and caterpillars and beetles, I too am fascinated with the little creatures. Hence, the magnifying glass. It is a whole new world of “WOW” for the kids.
I did my research and found that a lot of magnifying glass out there are too strong or not strong enough for a toddler. This one is just right. It’s not the sexiest looking magnifying glass, but it is the most basic one that covers most basic needs. It doesn’t have a LED light, which I deliberately chose because I do not want my kid blinding himself or others, and plus, I want him to focus on what he’s seeing through the glass, not the glass itself…when he is a bit older, I can get him a magnifying glass with an LED light. I know there are new wonders with that as well.
For now, this cheap and efficient gadget is the perfect toy a kid can get. So much to see!
You can get it here: Number-One 2.5X 4X Handheld Reading Magnifying Glass Reinforced Structure with 80mm Dia Lens Lightweight Pocket Magnifier Loupe, Ideal for Reading Small Prints, Map, Inspection and Jewelry Loupe

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