Holiday Lights

Tis the season to be jolly! Last night I decorated the Christmas Tree. I think it came out great. We really struggled to get the tree straight in the stand. For some reason, no matter what we did, the tree was determined to lean one way or another. I finally tied it up with a piece of ribbon to a barbell on the floor. It doesn’t matter if the tree isn’t perfect or if the branches are a bit sparse, once the lights and the ornaments are put on the tree, it looks beautiful and festive. Texas energy companies provide service and power to customers that allow them to have their lights on their tree. One of my favorite ornaments is a glass globe. I purchased it a long time ago and I remember many past Christmases every time it is placed on the tree. I have several new ornaments from last year that are colorful and give the tree a more sophisticated look. I use two strings of colored lights and one string of plain white lights. Without electricity there are so many holiday traditions that we would have to live without. Just think about Christmas music, holiday baking, holiday shopping and parties would be impossible. Please enjoy your holiday festivities this year and be safe.

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