Hand-made Felt Baby Booties from Recycled Fabric

Cute baby bootees with an appliqué red delicious apple on each would make a fun and original gift for a new baby. They are made from Kunin Ecospun felt, a special fiber created from recycled plastic bottles, so will appeal to the eco-conscious new parent just for their low environmental impact. Lined in cheerful red felt with no exposed seams they are cosy and comfortable for baby to wear and the Velcro strap keeps them on kicking feet securely. They have a home-spun, crafty feel that is refreshing when so many mass-produced items all look the same, but are well finished and good quality as well as being cute.

Priced at $38 from Craftsbury Kids

One Response to “Hand-made Felt Baby Booties from Recycled Fabric”

  1. Nic Jones
    December 17th, 2010 05:12

    Your handmade gift is awesome! I am a big fan of handmade products and I have my own website. Actually, if you can make more of this you can actually sell them, a lot of people are looking for gifts like this especially the holiday season. If you want you can visit my site and go list your handmade products 🙂

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