Eco Friendly Pacifier

Everything your baby puts in his or her mouth should be the safest thing possible. So make sure you include an eco-friendly pacifier that is safe to their health as well as the environment’s! This silicone surfaced pacifier is shaped to be like the mother’s nipple and is safe for their mouth and the skin that touches it. The pacifier is also made from one mold, meaning there are no loose pieces to come off that present a potential hazard. The pacifier comes in blue, mango and pink colors.

Get your eco friendly medical gum drop pacifier from Baby Earth for $2.49.

One Response to “Eco Friendly Pacifier”

  1. April G
    March 18th, 2009 16:09

    Our hospital gave us these when our daughter was born. They are great and so much nicer and even easier to clean than standard pacifiers.

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