Eco-friendly and Stylish Quick Diaper Change Kit

Every new mom needs one of these quick change kits. It folds up neatly to slip into a purse or bigger diaper bag and holds a few diapers, baby wipes, cream and bags, all you need when you are popping out quickly with your baby.

The kit folds out into a change mat with fold out pockets that hold all your baby change equipment. If you are out for longer periods this can slip into a larger diaper bag that holds more supplies, but is easily accessible and neat. Keep a second one of these in the car at all times for emergencies. The eco-friendly credentials are based on it being AZO phthalates free. Otherwise it is vinyl and easy to clean. Best of all it comes in various stylish designs.

Buy one for yourself or get one as a baby shower or new baby gift – it’s good value for money and guaranteed to be useful.

Currently on sale at $21.70 from Amazon.com

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