Cool Baby Bottles – Safe and PVC-free

A funky alternative to plastic baby bottles that will delight any health-conscious new mother, who is concerned about the dangers of plastics to her baby. The recent research showing that most plastics leach toxic chemicals into food and drink has inspired a new range of baby bottles made of stainless steel. OrganicKidz have taken it a stage further and developed a fun range of bottles in all different sizes and colours. This blue dot design is a 9oz bottle with a wide neck. It converts easily to a sippy cup so, if this is a gift for a new mom, you can be sure her baby will get to use it as a first cup even if she doesn’t plan to give her baby bottles. The bottle is unbreakable and dent-resistant so should even survive through to toddlerhood or to be handed down to the next sibling. It’s environmentally friendly too so good for baby and good for the world he’ll be living in.

Costs $17.99 at Kitsel

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