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Wooden Dolphin Rattle and Teether

Saturday, May 21st, 2016

Dolphins are pretty special creatures, so it’s great to find a wonderfully natural wooden baby rattle in the shape of a dolphin. Beautifully designed to create a simple and satisfying shape for baby hands the leaping dolphin has a bell secured inside to make a gentle rattling sound. Made from sustainable hardwood and finished with natural beeswax it is safe for baby to teethe on. It is made in Germany to very high safety and quality standards. This would make a wonderful gift for a new baby, one that any mother will love you for, especially if she is fending off a sea of bright plastic toys from well meaning friends and family.

Costs $22.95 from ChildTrek

Organic grabbing and teething toy by Kathe Kruse, Rainbow Baby – Blue

Friday, July 25th, 2014

This cute doll combines grabbing toy, teething ring and companionable soft toy all in one. Made of all certified organic materials by Kathe Kruse in Germany, who are renowned for a meticulously created line of Waldorf dolls, it is of great quality and made especially to fill a baby’s development needs in the first year. The teething ring is of beech wood finished with beeswax and can be easily detached and put back together when the toy needs washing. The doll has a comforting tender expression individually painted on. This would be a great gift for boy or girl babies and new mothers will love its simplicity and natural quality.

Costs $15.99 at Childtrek.

Simple Organic Blankie and Teething Ring

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Teething babies will chew on anything they can grab hold of. Make sure that your baby isn’t taking in toxic chemicals with this organic terry blankie. It’s designed with a removable teething ring at the center, which is BPA, PVC, phthalates and nitrosamine free. The teething ring is filled with sterilized water and can be put in the freezer or refrigerator for cool soothing relief from those irritating teeth. The star shaped cloth with knots at each corner gives baby more to grip and more to chew on, making it easier for younger babies to keep hold of. This is an affordable teething blanket, cute enough colors to work as a baby shower gift, but also cheap enough to buy for your baby at any time.
$9.06 from Amazon.com

Natural Wood Stacking Set and Teething Toy

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Wooden toys are the ideal gift for the eco-friendly baby shower. Good quality, natural wood lasts a lifetime and has an intringing texture for babies to explore with fingers and mouths.
This wooden bird stacking toy comes with a simple bird teething toy, so baby can enjoy the toy from early on and then play with the stacking birds as he grows.
Cherry and maple woods are used for contrast and are sanded smooth and finished with natural beeswax and organic safflower oil so are completely safe for babies to teeth on.

Costs $32 from Manzanitakids on Etsy.

Natural Wooden Baby Teething Ring With Organic Velour

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

An inexpensive but quality baby shower gift, this handcrafted wooden teething ring is one of those simple essentials of baby life. Teething babies have to gnaw on something and this wooden ring is safely sanded to smoothness and treated with natural food grade beeswax to keep bacteria at bay.

Tied to the ring is a soft organic bamboo velour ribbon, which provide an alternative chewing texture and surface and makes it easier to grasp. It can be untied and washed easily and as well as the lilcac pictured comes in blue, pink, green, yellow and red. Just the right baby gift for the eco-conscious new mom who loves natural materials.

Costs $10 from EnchantedDandelions on Etsy

Organic Stuffed Toy Gift set with Cute Cotton Bunny

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

This delightful gift set is perfect for the Easter baby. The set has a a duck teether, lamb burp cloth, and a sweet organic cotton bunny toy, all attractively packaged. All natural organic cotton has been used for all the items and they are dyed with natural plant and mineral colors so are safe for baby to chew and suck. The cloth is soft and absorbent, and useful for mom, while the bunny is small enough for baby hands and destined to be a favorite buddy in the crib as baby gets big.
Currently priced at $34.70 on Amazon.com

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