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Eco-friendly Cushion for your tush!

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

My living room has a lot of chairs and sofa space, but kids usually like to sit on the floor. I wanted to have something comfy but sturdy for my child to sit on so that he doesn’t have to fidget while concentrating on doing something—whether it’s reading a book or playing with clay or watching TV. Enter the Buckwheat Hull Filled Yoga Meditation Cushion! It’s made of eco-friendly buckwheat hulls that are firm but comfortable. It gives my kid a boost without sinking down, which is great for his alignment. The hand-made, 100% organic cotton cover is removable and easy to wash. It works perfectly for a natural, earthy room.
You can check it out in many colors here: Buckwheat Zafu Therapeutic Meditation Cushion | Yoga Pillow | Round Ergonomic Design Relieves Stress On Back, Hips, Legs For Total Comfort | Washable Premium Organic Cotton Removable Cover – Red

Adjustable fruit bowl made out of hemp and cotton

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

I love bowls. I can never have enough of them. Especially with kids when I need to throw in fruit, bread, snacks, or even toys, I appreciate a cute and functional bowl that I won’t be embarrassed placing on top of my dining table…and calling it “interior decoration”. This one is a nice deep navy color that matches almost any color palette, made entirely from hemp and cotton. Shape it, fold it, or roll its edges to modify its size for whatever you put in it. It will sit in your living room fashionably and sustainably. Apparently, hemp has some wonderful characteristics. It has 8x the tensile strength and 4x the durability of other natural fibers. It is mildew resistant and anti-microbial. Who knew?

You can buy it here: BambuAdjust-A-Bowl Hemp Denim Bowl, Blue

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