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Organic Mooey Cow

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

Organic Mooey Cow

Mooey Cow is a gorgeous 11inch long cuddly toy from Peru.

She is just waiting to be cuddled by baby and is safe and organic. She is made using organic cotton, and her insides are filled with polyester which inhibits the growth of any harmful mold. Eco friendly dye is used for the coloring.

The company was started by a small family who wanted to provide work for them and their villagers. It grew and now employs hundreds of rural Peruvians.

As it’s made from organic materials, no pesticides or harmful chemicals have been used in the manufacturing process which is good for your baby, and good for the planet.

Available for $28.99 from Oompa

Price $28.99 

Uncle Goose Wooden Blocks

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

Uncle Goose Wooden ABC Blocks

They may be too young to understand what the letters mean or to pull the wagon, but that won’t stop babies enjoying the feel of these wooden blocks long before they begin to learn from them. Made from basswood, they’re embossed to give a great tactile response. Each set has around 30 blocks, depending on the language of the alphabet purchased, and they’re all painted with non-toxic, brightly-colored inks that are child-safe. No sharp corners, either. Recommended for 2 years and up.
Uncle Goose Wooden ABC Blocks with Wagon
The English alphabet blocks (with wagon) cost $44.95 at KidBean.

Organic Grabbing Toy Doll

Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

This cute doll combines grabbing toy, teething ring and companionable soft toy all in one. Made of all certified organic materials by Kathe Kruse in Germany, who are renowned for a meticulously created line of Waldorf dolls, it is of great quality and made especially to fill a baby’s development needs in the first year. The teething ring is of beech wood finished with beeswax and can be easily detached and put back together when the toy needs washing. The doll has a comforting tender expression individually painted on. This would be a great gift for boy or girl babies and new mothers will love its simplicity and natural quality.

Costs $23.99 at Blueberry Forest Toys.

Cuddly Puppy

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017


Just how cute is this adorable soft cuddly puppy?

He’s made from ultra safe polyester with plastic filling and his feet are weighted so they hang down.

When used as a first toy, the puppy is so large and floppy he will probably be used as a security blankie

Available from Oompah Toys

Price $49.99

Soft and Natural Angora Bunny

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

A very sweet and completely natural hand-made toy, this gorgeous bunny would make a great new baby gift. Made in a simple Waldorf style, it uses a recycled (or up-cycled if you prefer!) Angora sweater as the main fabric of the toy and is stuffed with natural wool to make it warm and cozy to cuddle. The eyes and nose are embroidered on and whiskers sewn in, so it is safe for all ages to play with. The bunny makes a soft jingle when shaken, from a bell tucked inside, and is bound to be one of baby’s first favorites. The bunny is 8” long and 4 ½ “ high, perhaps a bit large for a small baby to grasp early on but a reassuring cot companion all the same.
Costs $42 from Woolcrazy on Etsy.

Smooth Cherrywood Baby Rattle

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

An appealing rattle for babies made of all natural cherrywood  polished with real beeswax, that is non-toxic and safe for teething on. The sanded smooth surfaces curve organically giving a natural sensory experience to baby hands. Each rattle is slightly different according to the grain of the wood, so this makes a unique gift for the green family, especially for moms who want to avoid too many chemical plastics in their baby’s life.  This wooden rattle is an affordable natural gift for baby showers priced at $14.99 on Amazon.

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