Bi-O-Kleen has a wide range of eco-friendly, green, cleaning products that can replace the toxic cleaners in your home, eliminating risk to your family’s health, and the environment. There are many advantages to using non-toxic cleaning solutions in that they can reduce your family‚Äôs exposure to large amounts of harmful chemicals and help reduce allergies and sensitivities. The advantage of the Bi-O-Kleen brand is that not only are they non-toxic and natural, they clean as well or better than other brands.

Products available include: Laundry Detergents in Liquid and Powder Form, a Laundry Stain Lifting Formula, an Allergen-fighting Formula, Oxygen Bleach Plus, Wool Wash, Stain and Odor Eliminator, Spray and Wipe All-Purpose Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Hand Dish Soap, Automatic Dish Soap, Produce Wash and Carpet Cleaners.

Bi-O-Kleen products are made from ingredients found in natural sources, including grapefruit seed extract , citrus peel and lime extracts, natural live enzyme cultures, corn and coconut bases, botanical extracts, vegetable fiber, natural minerals, vitamins, aloe, soybean, cider vinegar, meadow foam seeds, and white cedar leaf extracts. (But CAUTION: – Don’t EAT them! HaHa) They contain no animal ingredients and are NOT tested on animals. In addition, all products in the Bi-O-Kleen product line are readily biodegradable.

These safe natural cleaning products are available for purchase at Julie’s Stuff website which is run by stay-at-home Mom to eight children, Julie Howard. The Julie’s Stuff site has lots of quality, wholesome products from cloth diapers to natural toys. There is free shipping on orders totaling over $150.00.
Various Prices at Julies Stuff

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