Baby Soy Hoodie

Reversible and made from soybean fiber ….here’s the scoop…Soybean fiber is a sustainable textile fiber made from renewable natural resources. It is part of an effort moving consumers away from petrochemical textile products and turning waste into useful products.

From the BabySoy website: Soybean fiber is soft, smooth, and light. It has cashmere feel, but is smoother than cashmere. Soybean fiber has joyful silky luster with perfect drape and elegant feel. It has the same moisture absorption as cotton but with better moisture transmission than cotton, making it more comfortable to wear. Soybean fiber has a stronger tensile strength than wool and almost as good as wool in terms of warmth retention.
Caring for soybean fabric is relatively easy as it can be machine washed with little shrinkage and air-dried. High temperature drying is not recommended because it will damage the protein structure. abysoy soybean fiber clothes made under fair trade condition?
Yes!! Babysoy makes 100% certain that our contractors are practicing fair trade and obey the local labor laws.

$28.00 at BabySoyUsa

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