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Recycled Sweater Toys

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Pink pigs made from wool sweaters that have been cleaned and recycled. All shades of pink are available and these little cuddly wonders are one of a kind and made by hand by Pear Tree Studio. The stuffing is recycled, too!
Marked down from $26.00 to $22.00 at Eco Artware


For all the republicans in the house!
Marked down from $26.00 to $22.00 at Eco Artware


Ducks – quack quack! The wings are lined in cotton jersey; the bill and feet are made from wool sweaters; the eyes are embroidered.
Marked down from $26.00 to $22.00 at Eco Artware

Frozen Organic Baby Food

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

organicThis looks so easy peasy!! Each bag contains ten 1 ounce servings of pureed organic Fruits or Vegetables, that have been conveniently frozen into cubes for easy preparation and mixing. If you order nine bags or more delivery is free!! in the US. (by van in the San Jose area and shipped in dry ice for the rest of the country) Great selection available from Broccoli to Golden Beets to Mango to Blueberries.
$4.98 for each bag at Baby Cubes & more.

Wooden Stacking Boat Toy

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

This wooden toy is quality at its best. It is created from European alder wood from renewable sources and hand finished. Linseed oil and water based dyes are used for decoration.No harmful chemicals or paint.
£19.99 at Green Eyed Frog

Prepare Your Kids For Halloween

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Besides carving pumpkins and decorating the windows with scary spiders and sticky webs, the selection of your kids’ Halloween costumes count among the activities that they look forward to the most. With a new crop of superheroes plus some old favorites popping up each year, finding the right outfit can be simple. A costume doesn’t need to be store bought to be great, though. You can make a costume that will satisfy your child’s need for adventure in your own home.


The tradition of wearing costumes on Halloween has its roots in ancient times. The ancient Celts wore costumes to celebrate their holiday, Samhain. Over the years, the influences of Christianity seeped into the tradition, and costumes were meant to represent religious symbols that warded off evil spirits. Today, the tradition survives, but instead of having religious connotations, most of the time it just means fun for kids and adults alike.


Trends in costuming change each year, depending upon which movie and book characters are getting a lot of play. Although you as the parent may be stumped about what costumes to give your kids, they’ll most definitely have some ideas of their own. Many times you can find some inexpensive character costumes online or, if you live in a larger city, at a local costume shop.

The costume shop’s version of Spider-Man or Captain America will often look more realistic because these establishments often get their clothing from professional costume designers who know exactly where the latex should go to create some superhero muscles. The only drawback for this arrangement is that these costumes are often rental only deals. If your kid wants to keep his costume, go with the store brand.

Making Your Own

While some costumes like Iron Man may be more difficult for the home costume-maker—AKA mom—other characters like Harry Potter lend themselves to a homemade touch. Putting together your family’s Halloween costumes yourself has its own rewards. In addition to saving money, these are projects that the whole family can do together. Homemade costumes also allow you to create some not-as-popular outfits like a fried egg costume or an elaborate makeup-based costume like the characters from the musical “Cats.”


Little kids love costumes in part because they allow them to literally “try on” new personalities and identities, which is an important part of their development. This may wear a costume out before Halloween Day. If you’re worried about this, there are a couple of steps you can take to get a little more life out of the costume. Either buy it later in the month, closer to Halloween, or if it’s in your budget or you can get a deal, buy a second costume. The second choice allows you to put one costume away for the special day while allowing the other one to be worn. The first one limits the time that the costume can be worn before the holiday with allowances (of course) for it to be worn hundreds of times after Halloween.


Dressing up as someone new is one of the best parts of the Halloween holiday, and getting the right costumes sets the stage—sometimes literally—for new roles and stories to be played out by your family. This ritual helps build plenty of Halloween memories and provides for some very cool photos for the family photo albums.

Bunny Puzzle

Friday, May 4th, 2012

It looks like a rabbit and is shaped like a rabbit! The pictures are printed right on the wood of this high quality book. (no paper or cardboard to peel)
$13.30 at Padilly.com

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