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Hip and Eco Cherrywood Baby Teethers

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Baby teethers rarely manage to be both hip and eco-friendly, but this Peace,Love, Drool package of three cherrywood teethers has to be the ultimate in both qualities! A heart, a peace sign and a (rock) star all beautifully crafted in smooth cherrywood, polished with organic beeswax and packaged in a jute drawstring bag must be the grooviest baby gift in town for hip parents-to-be. They’re even made in the USA so are eco-friendly in all respects. And when baby has finished teething on them, they could be even repurposed into tree decorations with the addition of some festive ribbon! How much greener can you get?!

Costs $38 at Land of Nod

Bright Baby Blankets in Organic Cotton

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

These bright and cheerful baby blankets would make a great gift for a baby shower. After all a new mom can never have too many baby blankets and you can spoil her with gorgeous organic cotton ones that she probably wouldn’t splash out on herself. Made in super soft organic cotton, they are double sided- with a bright print on one side and plain solid color on the other and a contrasting binding. Generously sized at 38×38” they’ll wrap up a new baby cosily and be gentle on sensitive skin. It’s not just eco-conscious mothers who appreciate organic cotton – the quality really does show in its softness, as well as the fact that it is chemical free. The four designs will suit boys and girls equally well.

Costs $38 from Positively Organic.

Hand-made Felt Baby Booties from Recycled Fabric

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Cute baby bootees with an appliqué red delicious apple on each would make a fun and original gift for a new baby. They are made from Kunin Ecospun felt, a special fiber created from recycled plastic bottles, so will appeal to the eco-conscious new parent just for their low environmental impact. Lined in cheerful red felt with no exposed seams they are cosy and comfortable for baby to wear and the Velcro strap keeps them on kicking feet securely. They have a home-spun, crafty feel that is refreshing when so many mass-produced items all look the same, but are well finished and good quality as well as being cute.

Priced at $38 from Craftsbury Kids

Cosy Organic Cotton Infant Saque

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Frills and furbelows are all very cute on baby clothes, but when it comes to clothing a new baby will actually wear day after day, one of these organic cotton saques will score far higher on the list. Soft 100% organic cotton makes a cosy cocoon for baby and the elastic bottom makes changing easy for mom, especially in the middle of the night when you don’t want to be bothered with loads of fiddly snap fastenings. There are reversible handmitts on the sleeves to tuck up baby’s hands for warmth and to stop little nails from scratching. Gorgeous colors from blackberry to clover are all in natural, low impact dyes and so safe for sensitive baby skin.

Costs $ 29.90 from Cute Little Clothes

Cool Baby Bottles – Safe and PVC-free

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

A funky alternative to plastic baby bottles that will delight any health-conscious new mother, who is concerned about the dangers of plastics to her baby. The recent research showing that most plastics leach toxic chemicals into food and drink has inspired a new range of baby bottles made of stainless steel. OrganicKidz have taken it a stage further and developed a fun range of bottles in all different sizes and colours. This blue dot design is a 9oz bottle with a wide neck. It converts easily to a sippy cup so, if this is a gift for a new mom, you can be sure her baby will get to use it as a first cup even if she doesn’t plan to give her baby bottles. The bottle is unbreakable and dent-resistant so should even survive through to toddlerhood or to be handed down to the next sibling. It’s environmentally friendly too so good for baby and good for the world he’ll be living in.

Costs $17.99 at Kitsel

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